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The KA9Q WWW Server

Note:This was cool stuff back in the early 1990's when Linux was in its infancy and spare computers tended to be 386, 286, or 8086 PCs. These days, you're probably much better off just using a 386 or better and Linux. Linux will give you a far more powerful, managable, and stable system.

This computer (inorganic5.fdt.net) used to be a 386SX PC running a modified version of Phil Karn's KA9Q NET/NOS. Inorganic5 is now a 486 running Linux. Most of this page, including the cool graphic, was shamelessly stolen from Ashok Aiyar's server. I've edited the graphic and added to the text...but the next two paragraphs are pretty much Ashok's.

The KA9Q Gopher server code was originally written by Chris McNeil with enhancements from Chris and Peter Crawshaw. Both Chris and Peter are at Mount Allison University (New Brunswick, CA). Some modifications were added by Ashok Aiyar. The experimental HTTP (WWW) server that you have connected to was also written by Ashok Aiyar.

We believe that this version of KA9Q is quite versatile as it currently serves as a Mail, FTP, Gopher, NTP, WWW, Finger, and SLIP server. The addition of David Mischler's implementation of IP filtering has added a great deal of security to this version of KA9Q. In addition, it has permitted IP based restrictions of menu items in the Gopher server.

If you would like to retrieve this version of KA9Q, you may do so by using the item below.

A much improved version of KA9Q based on JNOS with more powerful gopher, WWW, and ftp servers is being maintained by Selcuk Ozturk and Karl-Heinz Weiss. Information about it is available at mvmpc9.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de and ftp.econ.pitt.edu. Use whichever site is closer to you.

If you need help setting up a Nos installation, especially JNOS, the NOS-BBS mailing list is probably the best source of information and help.

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